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Wind River Cares Provides free transportation for our patients.
Wind River Cares transportation is designed to accommodate and encourage you to visit with your healthcare provider.  Providing free transportation can have positive effects on your health by promoting self wellness and to help you maintain your healthcare goals.  
Wind River Cares can provide transportation to regularly scheduled appointments on a first come, first serve basis.  Transportation to out-of-county medical facilities is also provided and requires a two week notice. The criteria for this service can be discussed with your healthcare provider.
Riding Rules as our Patient...
  • We require you to wear seat belts and to use proper vehicle restraints for children.
  • Parent/guardian consent is required for underage patients receiving transportation from school.
  • Smoking is NOT allowed on transportation vehicles.
  • Food and open container beverages are not allowed during transport.
Transportation is a courtesy provided by the Wind River Cares Healthcare Team.  It is very important that we have your current phone number to contact you for your scheduled transportation needs.  Let us know if you would prefer us to call or text you of your scheduled ride.  We will contact you the day before your appointment.   
Call 307.856.9281 ext 231 and schedule your next ride with us!